What’s New In Microsoft Enterprise Software

Microsoft seems to be taking steps to rebrand itself as a devices and services provider with products such as Bing, Surface, Xbox and Windows phones being well received by consumers globally. However, Microsoft enterprise software is still the company’s biggest selling point and the company’s fiscal report for 2014 proved this. Commercial licensing under which Windows Enterprise is classified produced the most revenue for the company and was the leading business segment for the company showing that customers trust the enterprise and the new update to Windows will benefit businesses even more.

Microsoft enterprise software took a big hit after the unmitigated disaster that was Windows 8 but the company made up for it with Windows 10 that is perfect for businesses from IT to end-users with upgrades aimed at improving customer experience all around. The features available on the enterprise include Windows Update and Windows Store for Business both of which are big hits already. The former allows users to have better control over deployment and management of updates in the organization while Windows store allows users to manage apps even those not from Windows Store.

The benefits that businesses stand to gain with the new upgrades from Microsoft Enterprise software include better management and improved security with software features such as Active Directory access that is available through the Azure cloud that removes the need for secondary password when navigating between desktop and cloud services and better mobile management. The presence of Windows Hello and Device Guard beef up security quite considerably. The upgraded interface is also a welcome move especially after Windows 8 crashed and burned with users.

For businesses that rely on mobile working, the company’s Enterprise Mobility Suite fits the bill providing central management capabilities to manage and protect all devices regardless of the OS as well as over 2500 SaaS apps. The product is also security-centered and cost effective giving you more value for your money.